What makes your customer a good fit for Netstock?

The ideal customer fit:

  • Industries: Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail
  • Inventory value: US$200K+ or 250+ SKUs
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Here’s how the referral process works.

If your referral results in a sale for Netstock, your business is recognized, and you will earn a commission.

Once you’ve determined someone can benefit from Netstock, just submit a referral to us!

Step 1:

Identify a prospective customer and provide them with the Netstock brochure or other collateral and a link to our video demo.

Step 2:

If there is enough interest, encourage the prospective customer to attend a customized demo with a Netstock sales engineer.

Step 3:

Netstock will then sell, implement and support prospective customers during the sales process. Once the new customer is signed up, your business will receive its commission. Should you want to join the customers’ implementation processes, just let your Netstock customer success lead know.

How to submit a referral?

It’s simple, click on the link below.

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